Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 12

She's feeling better today. I get a little half tail wiggle when I come in, and she's eating lots. She's taking an interest in her surroundings, which is new. She perks up her ears when Bill walks by or when Wilma June (our cattle dog/terrier mutt) comes to sniff under the door.

She's also a clean little puppy these days-- the cone of shame is gone, and she's been washing all the parts she can reach. She's also started relieving herself away from her sleeping area, which she enjoys much more now that it's clean and dry. If she keeps it up, we'll go out this weekend and buy her a real bed to sleep in.

Also, it turns out that on her bottle of antibiotics, there's a spot for the pet's name.

It says "Eye Dog." 

Too bad we already named her Jodie, you know?

1 comment:

  1. Yeah!
    1. Is Jodie final? Can I share that fact?

    2. I am so happy about all of these things. Yes, pup.

    3. If there is any beagle in her, I'm pretty sure she'll never stop eating. They have no "stop" mechanism.

    4. Yes on clean and no more cone of shame!

    5. My mom says her latest pup was a stray and had a lot of difficulty adjusting. It took the other pups a long time to accept her... but after awhile, she's one of the pack. Hang in there.

    6. I love you... possibly more than I love the pup :)