Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 16

This dog has become a professional escaper of the bathroom.

She doesn't ever know what to do when she gets to the living room, but she likes the view.

Her UTI is finally (finally!) gone, and she's feeling pretty good these days. I don't think she has any pain from her eye anymore, but her hip is still to painful to walk on. Lots of her scooting around and me dragging her back to where she belongs on a folded towel.

Naughty. Back to the bathroom for you.


  1. I just wanted to say - I am so proud of you...which is a weird thing to say to someone I've never met. I enjoy Six Orange Carrots, but now I am totally invested in this dogs story. Thank you for sharing it and for being the kind of awesome human beings that take on a special pup like this!

  2. Jessica just put into words exactly what I was thinking. It renews my faith in mankind to see your story. Thank you for being a good kind human. This is one very lucky little dog and she is already repaying you tenfold. xxx