Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 30

We had a break in the rain this afternoon.


  1. Andy I have a joke...

    Since this dog is so supremely awesome, there is a tiny chance that this dog did belong to a family, and they are searching for it.

    We've determined, that a loving parent has sat down with their teary-eyed child and simply explained:

    "We've sent Buster to live in a better place. She's up north, playing in a big back yard, with other happy dogs; She gets all of the treats she wants, and they play with her and love her all day. She's very very happy."

    Turns out, not BS.

  2. She doesn't get all the treats she wants, because she is a treat monster and would eat them all day long.

    We actually wonder a lot about that too. On one hand, she's freaskishly sweet and good natured. On the other, she's not spayed, has no chip and wasn't wearing tags, and nobody looked for her at the shelter, even though she was there for the better part of a week. And although she's about 2 years old, we taught her to sit this week (super cute) and it was clearly the first time. She's also got major stranger phobia and growls and barks and hides from people who come to visit.

    A mystery. Part of me thinks we should post her on CL down there. The other part of me, obviously, wants to keep her. Dilemma.

    Wilma wants to keep her too.

  3. I love you for what you've done for this wonderful little frankenpuppy.... your blog makes me smile!!

  4. No more stitches? She looks like she's doing great!

  5. she looks good and happy. I think you should keep her. Wilma would be very happy, I think.